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    標準配置·Standard Configuration 圖層 138 拷貝.png


    設備介紹 圖層 138 拷貝.png

    本機是針對紙卷的枕式包裝而設計的,適合于包裝多種規格的紙卷。 1.雙變頻器控制,袋長即設即切,無需調節空走,一步到位,省時省膜; 2.文本式人機界面,參數設定方便快捷; 3.故障自診斷功能,故障顯示一目了然; 4.高感度光電眼色標跟蹤,使封切位置更加準確; 5.溫度獨立PID控制,更好的適合各種材質包膜; 6.定位停機功能,不粘刀、不費膜; 7.傳動系統簡潔,工作更可靠,維護保養更方便; 8.所有控制由PLC軟件實現,方便功能調節和技術升級,永不落后。

    PRODUCT INTRODUCTION 圖層 138 拷貝.png

    The machine is designed for the pillow shaping package, suitable for varies paper rolls that has different specification.  1.Dual VFC controller, set the bag length and duly cut, no need to adjust the operation on excessive section, job done in one round, timely saving and materially film saaving.  2.Textual human machine interface, convenient for parameter setting.  3.Fault auto-diagnosis with it's clear display.  4.High sensitivity optical electric color mark tracking, ensure the cutting to be more accurate.  5.Independent PID temperature control, more suitable for warping varies types of material.  6.Positioned stop function, without sticking knife or wasting film.  7.Simple driving system, reliable working, convenient maintenance.  8.All the controlling is achieved through PLC, convenient for function adjusting and upgrading, never lag behind.

    主要技術參數·Specifications 圖層 138 拷貝.png